Ava’s Story: Valley of Fire

Ava from Valley of FireA question I keep hearing from readers of my first two books, All Things Rise and The Ground Beneath, is: When does Ava get her story? The short answer is: Soon.

I really like Ava too, and she didn’t get what she wanted in my first book. In All Things Rise, Ava was restless, discontent and searching. She wasn’t even sure what it was she was looking for, she just knew she hadn’t found it.

Well, I just wanted to let readers know that I’m working on her story. I’ve been working on it all along. Ava’s path is a bit more complicated, and there were some aspects of her personal trajectory that I had to figure out. But Ava’s story is really coming together and will be released next year from Bold Strokes Books as the Valley of Fire.

About half of the action in this book takes place in the cloud cities so you’ll get to see more of what life is like in the elite urban communities. But before Ava’s book comes out there will be a prequel out in October titled, The Time Before Now.

I am sorry to keep Ava fans waiting, but I think Vivian fans will be very happy with the prequel. And my hope is that readers will think Ava’s story was worth the wait.

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