The Ground Beneath

The Ground Beneath CoverThe Ground Beneath is a novella, and the second installation in Vaun’s “Return to Earth” series for Bold Strokes Books.

Samantha Casey has been burned by love. She’s determined to remain single and keep a safe distance from any and all female temptations. Her plan is derailed when Jessica Walker strikes a barter deal with her that includes dinner together every night for a month. Jessica’s never been in love, but her sights are set on Sam. Night after night, in the face of Jessica’s beauty and hopefulness, Sam’s resolve weakens.

They live in a time long after peak oil. The climate has permanently shifted, and storms rise quickly and with vengeance. One such storm descends on Sam’s farm and Jessica has to spend the night, forcing them to face their feelings for each other.

After the storm, Jessica is on her way home when a man who’s been stalking her sets up an ambush. Can Sam find them in time to rescue Jessica and allow true love to rescue her?

Release Date: July 2015
Available: Local bookstores, Bold Strokes Books and Amazon

Reviews for The Ground Beneath

“I admit, I jumped into this book with gusto because I enjoyed All Things Rise so much. And I’m glad I did. This follow-up book is just as enjoyable and entertaining as the first. While not a direct sequel, The Ground Beneath features characters from All Things Rise and provides the reader with a deeper look into Jessica Walker’s life. But fans of All Things Rise will be happy to see Cole and Audrey again in a different capacity.”
— Gina 

“This novella was everything that is awesome about life, love and feminine power and resilience. By the time I was done reading I felt like I was ready to conquer fears and climb mountains. This was a book that reminded me of all that was beautiful about the potential of love and what the miracle of love could do to heal the human spirit. This is a novella filled with rich, complex, multi-dimensional characters and a plot that kept me reading from the beginning to the end. Danger, love, growth, and hope stir together to create yet another masterpiece from Missouri Vaun. I absolutely loved this five star story from a wonderful writer and I really can’t wait to read more from her. A standing ovation for Missouri Vaun on this one.” — a. rose

Meet the Women of The Ground Beneath

Jessica of The Ground Beneath


Samantha of The Ground Beneath