One More Reason to Leave Orlando

one-more-reason-to-leave-orlandoOne More Reason to Leave Orlando is the second in the hilarious and sexy short story adventures of Nash Wiley.

Nash Wiley, aka slow learner, discovers that hooking up with your sexy neighbor isn’t such a great idea, especially if you like your apartment and you’d like to keep living there. Having sex with both of your neighbors is an even worse idea, especially if those neighbors happen to be in a relationship…with each other. Threesomes always sounded so exotic and exciting in the abstract. As it turns out, the reality of sleeping with two women at the same time is a lot more complicated. But it wasn’t like it was Nash’s idea, and when the offer presented itself she found it impossible to say no.

Release date: December 2016
Available: Bold Strokes Books, Amazon

Reviews for One More Reason to Leave Orlando

“This was just as good as the first one. Laugh out loud, and sexy as hell. Bravo Ms Vaun – another great read.” – Emma