Valley of Fire

crxowfvxgaqyb71Valley of Fire is the fourth book in Vaun’s “Return to Earth” series for Bold Strokes Books. It’s Ava Wynne’s turn for love.

Ava Wynne wants to start fresh, in a place where nothing reminds her of her failed relationships in Easton. Once awarded a transfer she is paired with a beautiful co-pilot she doesn’t really like. After two cross-continent cargo flights, Ava and her co-pilot are assigned to fly a member of the ruling elite to the cloud city of Miami. The last thing Ava wants is to fly an air taxi for some spoiled member of the Chancellor’s family. But Ava will have bigger problems than her dislike for the ruling elite. A member of the “Return To Earth” insurgency forces their cruiser to crash-land in the desert region of North America. Held captive in this barren outpost, Ava and her privileged, yet captivating, passenger begin to discover things about each other and themselves that will change them both forever.

Release Date: October 2016
Available: local bookstores, Bold Strokes Books, Bookshop, Amazon

Reviews for Valley of Fire

“The thing I like from this author is that she can take me away from the crazy world of reality into the future post apocalyptic world of romance and hope. I read fiction because it’s fun and I enjoy the escape. Vaun certainly grabbed my attention with this one.” – Tq

Meet the Women of Valley of Fire

Ava by Missouri Vaun