Slow Burn

Slow Burn is Vaun’s latest lesbian romance. Can a healing wildfire fighter and a not-lucky-in-love artist find love despite their inner doubts? 

Firefighter Grayson Reeves barely survived a harrowing California wildfire, and the experience has shaken everything she believes about herself. Returning to her hometown of Sky Valley, NC, to heal and regroup seems like a good idea, but past mistakes and a small town that never forgets are painful reminders of why she left.

Faith Owen didn’t grow up in Sky Valley, but when an opportunity arises to relocate to one of her favorite childhood haunts, she jumps at the chance. A new environment is just what she needs to refocus on her art and regain her confidence after her last ill-fated relationship left her with loads of self-doubt.

When Faith meets Gray, she sees a suffering soul in need of saving. Gray can only see a woman for whom she could never be enough. Despite their misgivings, their mutual attraction ignites passions neither can fight.

Release Date: August 2022
Available: Bold Strokes Books, Bookshop

Reviews for SLOW BURN

This is the first book by Missouri Vaun that I’ve ever read and I wasn’t sure how that was going to go. I’m pleased to say that I was not disappointed at all.  In fact, I was hooked right at the first chapter and still had my undivided attention throughout the rest. — Mun Leigh, The Lesbian Review

This book is like a breath of fresh air after a hard day. In fact, this is the kind of book I would grab to read after a bad day, or after reading something very intense… This is a charming and tender romance with great characters, a wonderful setting, moments of excitement and lots of love. I really enjoyed this book, and I think you will too. — Betty Harmon, Rainbow Reflections