The Sea Within

The Sea Within is is an adventure story and a love story. Can our fierce heroines save climate-crisis Earth and find love in the process? 

Scientists have sounded alarms about the demise of Earth’s oceans for decades, and now the extinction event is here. As the world braces for disaster, paleobotanist Dr. Elle Graham finds a possible cure. Unfortunately, it’s been extinct for over one hundred thousand years.

Captain Jackson Drake lives in the past because she can’t stand to face the present after the woman she loved sacrificed herself to save others, a casualty of a world ravaged by superbugs.

The last person Jackson wants to travel back in time with is another woman trying to save the world at the cost of her own life. When things go sideways on primeval Earth, Jackson and Elle must put aside conflicts and work together to save the mission. Faith in each other just might give them the strength to save the world and rescue a broken heart in the process. But can Elle convince Jackson that the future is worth saving?

Release date: October 2020
Available: Bold Strokes Books, Bookshop, Amazon

Reviews for The Sea Within

“An accurate portrayal of where the planet may be in 100 years time Missouri Vaun’s latest is a tale of hope for the future overcoming the despair of the past. Great MC’s, unusual plot concept and exciting mix of science, action adventure, fantasy and romance. Enjoyable reading!” — VelvetLounger/Lesbian Reading Room

“If you are looking for a fast-paced, save the world action book, I would recommend this. You will be completely sucked into the read and you’ll hopefully have as good a time as I did.” — Lex of

“This is an amazing book… an exciting dystopian adventure and romance that will have you reading on the edge of your seat.” — Betty of Rainbow Reflections

“i’m kind of a huge science nerd. i love hearing cool facts about space and biology and all that stuff. i adore shows like the flash featuring time travel, so this book was a catch for me! on top of that: lesbians!” — Janna