Proxima Five

Cover of Proxima FiveProxima Five is a lesbian romance set on a faraway planet.

Geologist Dr. Leah Warren wakes after extended cryogenic hibernation to discover she’s crash-landed on a foreign planet. The sole survivor of her crew, she struggles to piece together what went wrong. Leah ventures from the ship in search of signs of life only to be captured by desert raiders.

Keegan, a clan warrior, discovers Leah, weak and barely alive. Her kindness and affection for Leah seem in direct conflict with her tough and emotionally remote façade, and Leah’s attraction for the reserved warrior grows. Unfortunately, Tiago, the clan’s volatile chieftain, is a tyrant who wants Leah for himself. Keegan will have to relinquish Leah or challenge Tiago. Will love give Keegan the strength to defeat him?

Release date: September 2018
Available: Bold Strokes Books, Bookshop, Amazon

Reviews for Proxima Five

“This story had it all: an imaginative, adventurous plot, with diverse intriguing, multidimensional characters whose dialogue was very defined and engaging. I especially liked the character development of Keegan and Leah over the course of the story…” – R Sweir

“With every single Missouri Vaun book I’ve read, I’ve only become more and more of a fan. I don’t usually seek out to read and enjoy any kind of science fiction but I read this because I’m a fan of Missouri Vaun, and I LOVED it! I think because this is also less of a sci-fi book and more of a futuristic apocalyptic situation… I loved the characters – they were strong and fierce and good… The relationship between Keegan and Leah was steamy, and they make a great team!” – Jasmine G

“I have enjoyed very much the romantic history between Leah and Keegan, both feeling the strong pull between them, both amazed at each other. In spite of being apparently two different worlds, deep down, their mighty sense of justice and their strong will, bring them together and cause that they rebel against the unfairness surrounding them.” – Rosi DePima