Death By Cocktail Straw

death-by-cocktail-strawDeath By Cocktail Straw is the first in the hilarious and sexy short story adventures of Nash Wiley.

How did a club night with friends go so off the rails?

Nash’s day had started out so well. An adorable barista flirted with her as she picked up her morning espresso, which might have contributed to the distraction that moments later nearly ended in disaster. Nash had used the word “disaster” carelessly not realizing how far the rest of her day would spiral after her tragic morning commute. Picking up girls after midnight in an ER is a clear sign of desperation, right? Unless that girl is the enchanting nurse who keeps coming to her rescue.

Release date: November 2016
Available: Bold Strokes Books, Amazon

Reviews for Death By Cocktail Straw 

“Vaun does the quirky character oh so well… If you enjoyed Jane’s World by Paige Braddock then you will enjoy this.” – Sheena at TheLesbianReview

“The story is something like a day in the life of a butch woman…  A slice of life, if you will. With bits of humor mixed around…” – Lexxi Kitty 

“I think Nash is now my favourite character in lesbian fiction and I can’t wait to read the others.” – Emma