My Beta Reader Says I Am Breast Obsessed

Beta Reader Comments

Comments from my favorite beta reader: my wife 🙂

I admit I didn’t know there was a name for friends and loved ones who read your unedited manuscripts to see if they make sense. But now I know: Beta Reader.

Let’s take a moment to give our beta readers a big fat, “Thank you!” They let us know when our characters act incongruently, our conflict isn’t stressful enough, our story moves too fast or too slow, and apparently, in my case – when our sex scenes seem breast obsessed. Maybe obsessed is too strong of a word. But I recently found some notes from my wife in my manuscript’s margins that made me laugh out loud. I mean, let’s get serious for a moment, friends. Your romance novel isn’t truly finished until the sex scenes get the stamp of approval from your wife or significant other. Am I right about this?

In my case, I scored some feedback as clear as “nope,” “WOW!” and then this other, slightly longer note letting me know that there are other parts of the female anatomy that deserve attention besides breasts. Who knew? It seems that other sexy parts on a woman’s body include a delicate shoulder, the small of the back, or the curve of the hips. Now, in my defense, I’m pretty sure I rave about all of those luscious parts as well. But it seems not quite as often as I sing the praises of ample breasts.

Has your editor mentioned doing a word search for your favorite words, your crutch words? It seems one of mine might be breasts.

I’m prepared to own my shortcomings on this issue. And to all our beta readers, I salute you.

6 thoughts on “My Beta Reader Says I Am Breast Obsessed

  1. I have a hard time letting either my wife or my beta reader read the sex scenes I write. I’m not sure why. I have no problem with sex…it’s as great as chocolate. But somehow, I feel as if someone I KNOW reads the sex scene with an eye to editing…I have this niggling feeling they’ll think I’m some kind of hack who has no idea how to have sex, or how to write it. Ridiculous, I’ve been told.
    But there it is.

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    • When I first started writing these books one of my close friends wanted to read the first draft and I was like “but there are sex scenes in this story.” My friend said, “I am married… I’ve had sex.” And my reply was, “Yes, but not with me!” Allowing others to read sex scenes is hands down the hardest part of the process because it makes you feel exposed. Plus, it’s difficult to describe an act of intimate passion without having it sound like an anatomy textbook. My wife always reminds me… write about how it feels, not what it physically looks like. Good advice. I’m learning.

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  2. I have many words I overuse. Breast is not among them. Maybe it should be! And yes, beta readers are to be thanked early and often. My wife doesn’t read anything till it’s been ground through every mill. Even then, I tell her she doesn’t have to like it. Just not be embarrassed by it! She has given me good comments, though.

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  3. I love breasts. Everything about them. Shape, weight, the way they fit perfectly in my hand, the softness and response of the nipple. I am not a big fan of the word for them, though. There are no sexy sounding words. Breast=clinical or related to chicken meals; boob = absolutely nothing sexy about that mouth sound and it’s related to a whole lot of sneers like newb or rube. Chest = too virginal. Bosom = ridiculous. Maybe it’s too much of one word rather than too much of one body party?

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