Novels, Novellas and The Return to Earth


One of my blog followers asked about the Return to Earth series. I was unable to respond to the question directly because for some reason the email she left didn’t work, but I’ve gotten this same question a few times, so I thought it might merit a blog post.

The question was about the second title in the series, “The Ground Beneath,” which is only available as an e-book. Since she prefers to read only paperbacks this particular reader wondered if missing this second book would make it impossible to follow the series. The short answer is, no. “The Ground Beneath” is a novella that focuses on one of the secondary characters from the first book. If you read “All Things Rise” and liked Jessica, then you won’t want to miss her story in “The Ground Beneath,” but you won’t be lost reading the rest of the series. “The Time Before Now,” is a prequel to the first book.

And the good news is that the third full installment of the series, “Valley of Fire,” will be out in October. Ava, from the first book gets her chance to find love and she finds it in a very unexpected place.

Valley Of Fire Wallpaper

All books available from Bold Strokes Books!

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