The Time Before Now

More on my latest novel, The Time Before Now, out now via Bold Strokes Books.

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This novel is a prequel to my lesbian romance, All Things Rise, and it begins with a journey.

The setting is a hundred years or so in the future, after oil has peaked and transportation is mostly on foot or by horseback. For Vivian Wildfire Yates, the passage she chooses is a footpath from East Texas to North Georgia. During this trek, two women cross Vivian’s path who individually impact her life in different ways. Along the way she is also confronted with numerous obstacles both natural and man-made.

The Time Before NowAs with most of my stories so far, I began my writing process for The Time Before Nowwith a drawing of one of its characters. In this case, I did lots of sketching of Vivian before I settled on a drawing that I felt captured the rugged individualism I envisioned for her. The drawing also conveys…

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