The Power of Love in All Things Rise

Here’s more on my novel, All Things Rise, a lesbian romance with some sci-fi lite now out through Bold Strokes Books. It’s really about the relationships between the three main characters. Can’t wait to hear what you think.

Bold Strokes Books Authors' Blog

By Missouri Vaun

All Things Rise 300 DPIThe inspiration for All Things Risecame about a few years ago when talk of the one percent was everywhere. I was walking through a busy New York City neighborhood when the idea for this book hit me. I was struck by the urban bustle around me. The entire city felt like a monument to consumerism. And while I love my time in NYC, it is a huge contrast to where I live in rural California. Cows and organic farms surround me there.

I also imagined how much money someone needed to live well in Manhattan compared to where I grew up in the Deep South. As I walked down the congested sidewalk I tried to visualize what the world would look like if the one percent stayed on course and economic inequity kept expanding, where would we end up? What would that world look like?


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