My Fun Chat with JD Glass and Liz McMullen

I had the entertaining opportunity to do a live audio interview with writer  JD Glass and author and online radio talk show host Liz McMullen. Skype allowed us to be in the room together while we were actually in three different time zones. We talked about the creative process, muscle cars and meat sauce.

8 thoughts on “My Fun Chat with JD Glass and Liz McMullen

  1. Great accent! I haven’t heard a great midwest accent in a long time. Hey, and those Sunday comics rocked! Cheers.


      • MS? Then, you’ve lost some of your twang. 🙂 Either way good to hear. I’m from the midwest and I have relatives in MS. Don’t hear either one too much in Canada. Cheers.


      • LOL! I think you may have gotten my voice confused with that of JD Glass — she’s from Chicago 🙂

        Where are your relatives from in MS? I grew up in Wiggins and my brother lives in Brookhaven.


      • Oh hell, I don’t know. I lived in Chicago for 10 years so should know that accent as well. I’m still high on Buckley’s medication so who knows. I could be making up stuff. You were the one talking about Beetle Bailey, right?
        One aunt lived in Vicksburg for a time before moving to Monroe, LA. Another aunt and cousin lived in Raymond but moved to Brandon a few years ago.


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