Take My Hand


“Take my hand.” A simple request with the power to change everything.

Artist Clay Cahill retreats to her hometown of Pine Cone, Georgia, when she’s betrayed by a woman she thought cared and the pressure of the New York City art world becomes too much. Setting paints aside, she takes a job at her grandfather’s garage seeking the restorative comfort of small town life where women are sweet and life flows as slow as molasses.

Manhattan art gallery owner River Hemsworth is preparing for a show when she’s informed her aunt has bequeathed her a local gallery in Pine Cone, a place where the idea of fashion is anything with a Carhart label. En route to review inventory and unload the property quickly, River wrecks and Clay comes to her rescue.

If River can convince Clay to start painting again, she may be able to pull off the show that will make her career and quench the desires she never expected to feel again.

Welcome to part one of the sweet, romantic adventures of Pine Cone, Georgia. I was super excited to write this trilogy with two of my favorite authors: VK Powell and D. Jackson Leigh

Trilogy wallpaper


Keep Reading in 2017

I had this big plan to write a blog post about new books for the New Year, but then somehow I missed January. It’s like the election happened in November and the next thing I knew it was February. I won’t even go into a rant about how invasive current events are to the creative process. There’s a lot of noise out there, and rightly so. This is the time when we should all be paying attention and making our voices heard. But that’s not really what this post is about. I’m going to take a moment, take a breather, and just talk about books.

January and February have been busy months for me in terms of newly released books with Bold Strokes Books. I thought I’d take a minute to highlight each in case you missed them.

The last two installments in the Nash Wiley series came out in January and February. They were part of a series of four short stories about Nash’s adventures in dating while trying to win the heart of her true love, Anna.

smothered-and-coveredSmothered and Covered
The Adventures of Nash Wiley, Story 3

The last person Nash Wiley expects to bump into over a two a.m. breakfast at Waffle House is her college crush, decked out in a curve-hugging law enforcement uniform. Nash can’t believe her luck when Ms. Crush asks to join her, explaining that she’s just getting off shift. But something seems a little off. It could be the glitter in her eye shadow, or the black lace bra peeking from her barely buttoned uniform shirt, or maybe the exotic dancers who stroll in from the local gentleman’s club and crash their private reunion. Nash isn’t sure she’s still hungry until the waitress takes her order. “How you want those hashbrowns, hon?” Ms. Crush pins Nash with a sultry gaze and answers for her. “Mmm. I’ve heard she likes hers smothered and covered.”

privacy-glassPrivacy Glass
The Adventures of Nash Wiley, Story 4

As Nash Wiley entered the elegant Savannah Victorian and scanned the room she had one thought: This is one gay wedding that could really get out of hand. Only a lesbian would think it was a good idea to ask her long time ex to be maid of honor and then let Ms. Ex offer up a toast after drinking way too much white wine. But the evening turns even more surreal when Nash commandeers a stretch limo and her best friend for a late night drive out to the beach, and friendship turns into something more. Champagne on ice, seat belts optional and privacy glass a must.

The next February release, which is now available everywhere books are sold, is an adventure romance titled Birthright. This is a story I’ve wanted to write for a long time and I’m very excited to finally get to share it with readers. It’s the story of one hero’s journey to self-discovery and the love she finds when she arrives there.


When her spies bring news that a swordswoman imprisoned in a neighboring kingdom bears the Royal mark, Princess Kathryn sets out to rescue Aiden, the woman she’s sure is the true heir to the Belstaff throne and the solution to a tyrant’s campaign to overrun her small queendom of Olmstead.

That solution, however, is more of a problem. Too footloose for responsibility and distrustful of Kathryn’s selfless moral code, Aiden is a resistant heir. Her only interests are freedom and adventure. Despite their differences, Kathryn and Aiden discover common ground and a growing attraction as they set out on their mission to defeat the ruthless rogue ruler of Belstaff.

The true test lies ahead, when they find they must free their hearts to finally liberate their queendoms.

I hope you enjoy these stories! Thank you for reading.

The Case of the Mail Order Bride

Today marks the release of a new novel from my alter ego, Paige Braddock. This book is a novelization of the long-running lesbian comic strip, Jane’s World. This is a humor book, so the tone and voice are quite different from Whiskey Sunrise or The Time Before Now.

I hope you enjoy Jane’s antics as much as I do — or come close! Let me know what you think.

It’s hard to believe that today is June 1st, which means the Jane’s World novel is now available from Bold Strokes Books. There are even advance reviews of the book on their site also. …

Source: Jane’s World, the novel! It’s here!

The Ground Beneath is Here!

The Ground Beneath Cover

My second book is a novella titled, The Ground Beneath. This story came about because I sort of developed a crush on one of the characters in my first book, Jessica Walker. I wanted her to have a chance to tell her own story and more importantly I wanted her to have the opportunity to fall in love.

After I finished All Things Rise, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jessica. I kept hearing her voice and scenes presented themselves. I even had an idea of who she’d fall for, which is the story that unfolds in this novella.

Initially, The Ground Beneath will only be available as an ebook. But I seem to read most of my titles in ebook format these days so hopefully that won’t keep anyone from checking out this second story in the series. The series title I’ve been using is “Return to Earth,” based on the underground movement established in the first book.

And for those of you who read All Things Rise, don’t worry, Ava is going to get her story too. But it’s a much longer story. Too long for a novella. Stay tuned!

Illustration of Jess and SamMore about The Ground Beneath:
Samantha Casey has been burned by love. She’s determined to remain single and keep a safe distance from any and all female temptations. Her plan is derailed when Jessica Walker strikes a barter deal with her that includes dinner together every night for a month. Jessica’s never been in love, but her sights are set on Sam. Night after night, in the face of Jessica’s beauty and hopefulness, Sam’s resolve weakens.

They live in a time long after peak oil. The climate has permanently shifted, and storms rise quickly and with vengeance. One such storm descends on Sam’s farm and Jessica has to spend the night, forcing them to face their feelings for each other.

After the storm, Jessica is on her way home when a man who’s been stalking her sets up an ambush. Can Sam find them in time to rescue Jessica and allow true love to rescue her?

All Things Rise is OUT!!

Missouri Vaun and All Things Rise

My All Things Rise selfie :-). Tweet me yours at @MissouriVaun or post it on my Facebook page. I’d love to see it!

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” — Matsuo Basho

I am so happy that one milestone along my new journey as a storyteller has arrived. All Things Rise is now live in the Bold Strokes Books webstore! It can be purchased in paperback and in all eBook formats exclusively through our store, ahead of its widespread release.

I’d like to send out a special thank you to the Bold Strokes Books family of writers who have been incredibly kind, supportive and welcoming during the months leading up to the release of my first novel. Radclyffe has created an amazing creative community and I’m grateful every day for the opportunity to be a part of it.

The Missouri Vaun author page on Goodreads is also now up and running. Please visit me there and let me know what you think about All Things Rise.