Take My Hand


“Take my hand.” A simple request with the power to change everything.

Artist Clay Cahill retreats to her hometown of Pine Cone, Georgia, when she’s betrayed by a woman she thought cared and the pressure of the New York City art world becomes too much. Setting paints aside, she takes a job at her grandfather’s garage seeking the restorative comfort of small town life where women are sweet and life flows as slow as molasses.

Manhattan art gallery owner River Hemsworth is preparing for a show when she’s informed her aunt has bequeathed her a local gallery in Pine Cone, a place where the idea of fashion is anything with a Carhart label. En route to review inventory and unload the property quickly, River wrecks and Clay comes to her rescue.

If River can convince Clay to start painting again, she may be able to pull off the show that will make her career and quench the desires she never expected to feel again.

Welcome to part one of the sweet, romantic adventures of Pine Cone, Georgia. I was super excited to write this trilogy with two of my favorite authors: VK Powell and D. Jackson Leigh

Trilogy wallpaper


Getting started

Isn’t that the hardest part sometimes? Just sitting down and putting the first lines on paper. I can’t seem to move forward until I get a first paragraph that I feel good about and the very first line needs to feel just right. I’ve realized that many of my books begin with taking a first step, crossing a threshold, which is usually a signal that things for the main character are about to change.

For my newest work in progress, Spencer’s Cove, there is no first step. There’s a cat, who has no concept of how much he weighs (18 lbs.) and a mystery to be solved… oh, and a painfully shy heiress.

Now, back to work on that first chapter.

Spencers Cove LOW res

The Cover of All Things Rise

Cover for All Things Rise

Here it is! The final cover for All Things Rise, due out in May 2015 by Bold Strokes Books.

I think the most anxiety-producing element of constructing a book, aside from finishing the manuscript of course, is the cover. How do you create a single image that encapsulates an entire 300-page narrative? And what if the designer doesn’t have the same vision you have for the book jacket? These thoughts probably go through every writer’s head as the production of the physical book gets underway. In my case, I had no idea what I wanted the cover of my first novel with Bold Strokes Books, All Things Rise, to look like. I’m also not the greatest at selecting fonts. But what I did have was a very clear image for the main character of the book, Cole. I started with a sketch and then fleshed out the character portrait in black and white. The tones were all added using brush tools in Photoshop.

This brings me to the next uneasy spot in the process. What if when I send the character image to the designer she doesn’t want to use it? I was prepared for this and resigned to use the image of Cole I had created to promote All Things Rise online if the image didn’t end up on its cover. Fast forward a few weeks… all my worries were for nothing! Sheri, the cover designer at Bold Strokes Books, was fantastic to work with. Basically, I gave her a finished image of my book’s main character and she created my book’s  “world.”

I love this cover image. I’m crazy about it. I keep it on my phone so I can show it to my friends, whether they want to see it or not (smile). Thank you, Sheri and Radclyffe! May 2015 can’t come soon enough!