The Lonely Hearts Rescue is Out!

When I’m not writing lesbian romance, I’m hanging out with my dogs. I have a soft spot for weiner dogs and terrier mixes. There’s something about quiet walks with my dogs and the soft fur of their bellies that just calms my nerves and grounds me.

That’s why I didn’t have to think twice when I was broached with the idea of a lesbian romance anthology centered around an animal rescue shelter. I was sold once I found out that I would be collaborating with my old pal, Nell Stark, and my new pal, Morgan Lee Miller. The Lonely Hearts Rescue was a fun project to say the least! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Here’s more on The Lonely Hearts Rescue:

When a hurricane hits the Gulf Coast, the animals at the Lonely Hearts Rescue Shelter need love, and so do the humans who adopt them.

Something About You by Morgan Lee Miller. After rescuing a cat stranded in the hurricane, animal control officer Reese Shepard is adamant about finding shy, timid Apollo the best forever home. When she discovers Apollo giving cheek rubs to Hannah Marsh, Reese’s high school crush, she’s captivated by her all over again.

Force of Nature by Missouri Vaun. Rebekah Hawks has stepped in to help with hurricane disaster relief. Challenges are no match for Rebekah. At least until she agreed to foster an impossible dog. Rebekah has no choice but to seek the aid of handsome local dog trainer Rory Maclaren. But who is training whom?

Test of Faith by Nell Stark. Rescuing a dog is a dream come true for Faith Kincaid—and a chance to prove to herself that she really can, in the words of her therapist, “commit to commitment.” When Faith takes her new best friend, Pinoe, to the vet, she can’t stop staring at Dr. Delphine Wu. Del is completely out of Faith’s league. Or is she?